Case Studies

Click below to download case studies and see the real world applications of magnetic flooring and how they can save time, money, and headaches in various challenging environments.

Magnetic Rubber

See how our Magnetic Rubber was used to isolate asbestos adhesives

Isolate Asbestos

Save time and money by isolating asbestos with magnetic flooring

Mail Room Asbestos Isolation

See how our customer updated their busy mailroom in hours

Lunch Room Quick Turn Around

Can’t shutdown to replace the floor? See how we did it in hours

Magnetic Tabs

Bring your own flooring with our Freedom Force magnetic tab system

High Traffic, High RH

No problem with magnetix! Easy replacement, and high RH tolerance

Graphic Advertising

Turn floors and walls into a profit center with Advertising Tiles

Decorate Walls

Magnetic Vertical Components can help you decorate and redecorate with ease

VAT in Schools

Save budget money by isolating VAT and update your educational space

Walgreens and High RH

See why Walgreen’s opted to utilize the magnetic solution for high RH

3M and the Future

3M utilized magnetic flooring to showcase their Innovation Centre Store of the Future

Open 24 Hours

ASDA is open 24 hours and needed a solution for quick turn around

Time is Money

Boots needed a solution for a high RH floor, magnetic went on high RH with no downtime

Time is Money, Again

Sainsbury’s needed to replace flooring as fast as possible and stay open.. magnetic worked!

Walgreens Followup

Magnetic was a viable option, so Walgreens did a test store. See how it went