Magnetically Receptive Coating and Skim Coat Options

The foundation for magnetic flooring and wall covering

Start here by picking one of our coatings or skim coat options to serve as the magnetically receptive base layer. Your new magnetic flooring goes on top of one of these options

Kwikrez AcryliKote

Kwikrez AcryliKote is an acrylic based, magnetically receptive primer. It is similar to latex wall paint and is user friendly to apply. AcryliKote works on both vertical and horizontal applications. AcryliKote is easy enough to apply for the DIYer with a 3/8″ nap roller and yet robust for commercial duty for the industry professional.

Kwikrez Colourz

Kwikrez Colourz is a polyaspartic, tintable magnetically receptive primer. Colourz is for horizontal surfaces only and geared towards commercial applications. It is squeegeed then backrolled. 

Power Force Prep

Power Force Prep is a 2 in 1, skim coat and magnetically receptive layer material. You can do minor floor prep, seal adhesives, or skim coat existing flooring with Power Force Prep and in 30 – 45 mintues start laying magnetially receptive flooring.



Intelli-Force HeatStrand

Intelli-Force HeatStrand is a superconductive graphine based heat mesh that can heat any area it is applied to with far infrared radiation (FIR) heat. FIR also has numerous health benefits. HeatStrand can be powered by AC, DC, or even solar power.

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Where do I start?

Choosing a coating as your base is step 1 in the process, as the coating goes down first. Click this banner for a detailed step by step of the entire process and to check out our product options.