Intelli-Force HeatStrand

 Far Infrared (FIR) Radiant Heat System

  • Highly efficient, energy cost saving graphene-based system
  • FAR infrared proven health benefits
  • Low voltage, < 35 volts and < 5 amp system
  • Works on AC & DC Power
  • Hooks directly to solar energy systems
  • Fixed or portable installations on any surface
  • < 1mm in thickness
  • The simplest in-floor heating system to install on the market 


  • A super conductive heat mesh utilizing a proprietary graphene non-woven mesh. This system generates heat by electrically exciting the single layered graphene atoms. 
  • Apply the quick dry mesh coating to vertical or horizontal surfaces. Connect to the building electrical system with the embedded connectors and walls, floors, or even furniture become heat radiators.
  • Uses minimal voltage and amperage to produce highly efficient heating levels, far below other electrical heating systems.
  • For Solar applications, this system can be powered directly by solar arrays using DC power or converted to AC power.
  • Heat energy radiated is in the far Infrared Radiant spectrum. Far Infrared Radiation (FIR) is proven to offer significant health benefits to people, animals, and even agriculture.